Genesis 1:1

In the beginning, the Hag created the site and the intention. (Introduction 1:1)

The most difficult aspect of any task or project is the sometimes awkward and meandering search for the elusive, divine spark of energy required to transform thought into form, in other words, the will to act upon an idea or intention.  This website is a great example of how a faltering sense of focus combined with a lack of motivation can lead to a sudden, one may say orgasmic, explosion of energy that splatters like volcanic lava across the virgin white parameters of an empty WordPress post.  Yes, I just compared myself to God and… Yes, my penchant for drama isn’t quite as shaky as my willingness to perform the various acts of drudgery a hungry world demands of me.

The Shopping Hag was born two days ago, propped up and pieced together with the bones of a site I had abandoned months prior, Charity Thrives. Why, you may ask, would I neglect and ultimately set aside a site devoted to the worthy cause of charitable fundraising in favor of creating a space to chat about my shopping adventures?  I must admit that from a logical perspective, a little charity seems more necessary than a little shopping as I gaze out across the top of my computer monitor at the dark, heavy, monstrous cloud that hovers like toxic smog over what I sometimes call the Trump Era and sometimes call Armageddon, depending on my mood.  My self esteem won’t permit me to simply conclude that I’m a lazy, shallow person, however… No, not The Hag! Instead I prefer to believe that I am increasing my ability to highlight charitable opportunities, along with a variety of other opportunities, by expanding the scope of the site and shifting the topic to one the majority of my fellow Americans can relate to… Shopping.

Everyone I know shops. It’s virtually unavoidable.  I’d love to be able to say that I’m currently designing and sewing this year’s spring wardrobe in between writing this post and tending to the chicken I plan to slaughter, pluck, and cook for dinner, but I’m not.  I’m sitting at the kitchen table wearing a shirt Michael Kors designed for me, sipping the remainder of a mug of coffee brought to me courtesy of my Keurig machine.  I shop several times a week whether for a specialty item such as my daughter’s most recent prom dress or for a necessary item like a stick of deodorant for my quite odoriferous adolescent son or for a forgotten grocery item… You get the idea.

Shopping may ultimately be the great uniting force in a country that can’t seem to agree on much. I enjoy shopping.  Additionally, I flit around in a unique position from which to critique an array of retail establishments thanks to the countless hours of retail employment I’ve had the privilege of procuring with the help of my fancy and very practical four year degree in Psychology.  I hope you enjoy the site.  I hope you benefit from reading about my shopping successes and foibles.  I hope you do take advantage of opportunities to participate in charitable giving whether through Shopping Hag or another venue.

I hope. So mote it be. Amen. Hallelujah. Period… Speaking of which I need to visit a drug store soon.  Shop on!

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